Opportunities to Play


At CWBC there are many opportunities to play bowls. Whatever your level of expertise and however much you want to play, you will find what you want at the club. Even in the winter we organise a roll-up every week at Wealden Indoor Bowling Club so that you can play the game with other club members when the green is closed.


Taster Sessions

These are available at the start of the season for people who are not members but who think they might enjoy the game. Coaches are available to teach the basics of the game and the club owns sets of bowls which can be loaned to anyone interested in having a go.


Coaching Sessions

New members are offered a set of coaching sessions with one of our three qualified coaches. At these, new bowlers will learn the proper techniques for bowling along with the rules and etiquette of the game.


Practice Sessions

As members of the club you will have access to the green at any time unless all of the rinks are being used for a match. You are welcome to turn up to hone your skills on your own or with another member. You can stay as long as you like. There is no rink fee.


Informal Games with Friends

You can organise games with a group of friends or invite guests who are not members to play with you. (Note: guests must be signed in by a member and are expected to pay a rink fee of £3.50).


Organised Roll-ups

Every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon during the summer season there is an organised roll-up. Club members turn up, they put themselves into teams and play a game. Tea and biscuits are provided at half time. There is a small charge (£1.50) for the game. Tea and biscuits add to the pleasure of the afternoon games.

Booking is not required. These games begin at 2:00PM, please arrive at the green a few minutes before the game for team selection.


There is a Club Night every Monday evening during the season for both existing and new members, starting at 6:30pm. In addition, at this Club night, we run a new bowlers' league for players having less than two tears experience.


During the winter months (late September to mid April), when our green is closed, you can join other CWBC members at Wealden Indoor Bowls Club for a 2 hour roll up on Tuesdays at 12 noon.


To join this roll-up you must be a member of Wealden Indoor Bowls Club and that club charges its normal rink fee.


If you would like to join us for a game please contact John Eyles or send a message


A friendly match.


Internal Competitions

The club organises a set of internal competitions. There are singles, pairs and triples competitions of varying types (details on our competitions page). They culminate in a weekend of finals in early September.


Social Events

The club holds a number of social events during the year. For example, we might have a game of bowls (typically 12 ends) followed by a BBQ.


Special Events

We hold a “Crown Green” competition each year. Although we don’t have a crown green we play according to crown green rules.


Friendly Matches

We play many friendly matches against local bowls clubs. We play both at home and away so we get to gloat about the quality of our green in comparison with others in the area. We even have friendly matches in the winter against indoor bowling clubs (obviously these are away fixtures).


League Matches

The club participates in the Mid Sussex League.


External Competitions

CWBC teams participate in a small number of knock-out competitions.